The Band Hoppers

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This group was started when three Radio Refugees, decided we wanted a place to stay in contact with each other, and people we had meet along the way. We want to welcome those that have known us for a while, and those we meet going forward. This group is about good Ham Radio! We help each other, are respectful, and try to just get people on the air and having fun! That is what it is all about! We are all volunteers. Nothing we do is for profit. BH swag is at vendor cost.

We believe that social media can add to the ham radio experience. It is a place where we can mentor new hams, share information, and plan activities. See the link on the left for our Facebook group.

Going forward we will start a variety of on-air activities. We will communicate these on the Facebook group and use this website for logging, posting results, etc.

So join us. Help mentor. Participate in the activities. Volunteer to lead an activity. And most of all, have fun!"



Just get on the air - any time - any band - any mode. Use the Facebook site to post your frequency and call. As the group grows it is a great opportunity to get to know people. Let's face it - sometimes the bands can seem unfriendly. We have all ran across a group of curmudgeons. Folks that can't follow the Amateur Code will be asked to leave. This code is equally as important today as when it was originally written in 1928.

The Net

Nets are an important part of the ham radio experience. We will have regularly scheduled nets and encourage folks to check in. We also invite you to try your hand at being a net control. We have a team of net controls that will be happy to work with you. As our name suggests, we are a nomad group so check Facebook or the net page to find us. We may be on multiple bands.

Net Page

Take 5

Take 5 is just as the name implies. The first station get's on and call's CQ Take 5. Once five stations have been worked he/she must turn over the frequency to one of the five stations worked. You can only work a station once. For example.... if station 1 turns it over to station 2, station 1 can't answer the CQ from station 2 because they have already worked.

The exchange is simple: RST and state (or DX)
Feel free to rag chew a bit. Always give QRP and YL's stations the first shot.

Objectives: The main objective is to keep finding people to Take 5! See how many can be worked. We will have an application that keeps track of the number of stations worked by event and by operator for a little friendly competition. Stay tuned for a link to the Take 5 page.


The spot page is used during events so that members can find each other. Feel free to spot yourself or other members. Self spotting is absolutely fine!

Spot Page


Membership in the group is voluntary. We assign membership numbers on a sequential basis during our nets. If you enjoy our activities consider obtaining a number. Your call, membership number, name, state or province, and country will be added to our member list. We are planning activities that use these numbers.